Steve Tyssen is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and indie musician, singer-songwriter and record producer.  He is best known as the former drummer of bands Eddy Blue, 1989 and Greenthief. 

In late 2013, Steve's obsession with songwriting finally became his priority which led him to self record and produce his debut EP 'All That You Want Is Everything', released in October 2013.   A 6-track indie-folk outing with lush arrangements that offer contrasting stories of love, lost hope, longing and greed - the lyrics have a strong sense of social examination of the current state of human interaction - or lack thereof -  with a crying desire for perhaps the more simple things in life.  Steve played every instrument on the EP - including Drums, Bass, Guitars, Piano, Percussion and Vocals, and he recorded it himself completely in his home studio.

Steve lived in Brazil for 6 months during 2014, where he toured extensively and wrote most of the material for his new upcoming full-length album 'Friends And Other Enemies', due out in March 2015.