Steve Tyssen is an Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is best known for playing drums in Brisbane bands Eddy Blue, 1989, Greenthief and The Royal Artillery.

In late 2013, Tyssen's obsession with songwriting finally became his priority which led him to self-record and produce his debut EP 'All That You Want Is Everything', released in October 2013. A 6-track indie-folk outing with lush arrangements and contrasting themes, with Tyssen playing every instrument on the EP and completely recording it himself in his home studio.

In 2014, Tyssen spent 6 months in South America, where he toured his solo work extensively. During this period, he also wrote most of the material for his first full-length album 'Friends And Other Enemies', which was independently released on 14 July 2015. Like the first EP, this album was self-recorded and produced back in Australia by Tyssen, and it features more complex and varied instrumentation with a slight lean towards more alternative and electronic sounds.

His second album 'Love To Love' was released in 2016, featuring collaborations with with singer Jess Lean from The Brains Trust. For this sophomore release, Tyssen added even more layers and new elements to a constantly evolving sound.

Tyssen is now based in Melbourne where he has finished recording his third solo album 'Invitations', which is set for release in late 2017.